How To Build A Following On Quora

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Hey guys!  Welcome back to Author Journey.

This is going to be a fun little tutorial that’s going to go over a different platform you can use to get more eyes on your books and to engage or interact with like-minded people. When it comes to building a platform online, it's important to note that various social media platforms can help you do that.

Facebook is great. Obviously, Twitter is great. There are tons of platforms for authors that can be used to build a following, but something that I've found that maybe not a lot of authors know about is Quora

What Is Quora?

Quora is a place where people go to ask questions and get answers.  So anyone who is looking to learn how to replace a car engine, get a date, build an online business, or even learn, say, how to write a book, can go to this website and find answers from people who have established themselves as authority figures in the niche they are most knowledgeable in.

Since I'm in the business of helping people write, publish, and market their books, this has been an ideal hangout for me. I get to answer tons of questions and link things back to my websites and my YouTube channel. Plus, I'm connecting with lots of interesting people and enjoying helping people in the process. Here is a pic of my profile on Quora.

I started this up so I could answer questions about writing, marketing and publishing. I could put myself out there. Put my books out there. Put my website out there .

What You Can Do On Quora

Some people may feel they don't know enough about a subject, but you're going to know more than someone just starting out so don't let that intimidate you. You don't necessarily have to answer questions about writing either.

I've answered a lot of questions about relationships. I've answered a lot of questions about being honest. I answer personal questions that help people get to know me better and help form an emotional attachment to who I am what I do.

And the more questions you post the more views you receive, which brings you more eyes on your books. I've answered over 300 questions so far and had over 125,000 views. That's called free targeted leads and traffic for you. Around fifteen minutes a day answering questions can eventually build you a large following on Quora.

If your answers become popular then people will like and upvote them. The more upvotes you get the more exposure you receive.

You'll generally receive notifications asking you if you can answer specific questions based on your own knowledge base. You will also get emails when your answer has been sent out in a newsletter to Quora subscribers which is another great way to get exposure and build a platform as a writer.

I have a lot of people ask me questions on Quora which is how I get ideas for YouTube posts and blog posts when people are asking these very pointed questions about writing, marketing and self-publishing or just questions about fiction, what my opinion is on a certain book, etc.


Do I Have To Know Everything About Writing?

Nope. You really don't. I'm learning every day. And your interactions on the site will be different based on personal experience.You may feel like you don't have anything to offer on Quora. You may not be interested in teaching anybody about writing or marketing, but you could find other things on there that really interest you. Answer questions that you know quite a bit about.

Maybe you've been on a weight loss journey, joined a support group, or started your own coaching business. Help people achieve their weight loss goals by answering questions on Quora and driving them back to your business. Maybe you're a marriage counselor and can give great relationship advice that would eventually bring more eyes to your business.

I've also found that this is a great way to push through a little bit of writer's block. Sometimes if I just feel like I can't write anything, I'll get on there and start answering questions, and pretty soon all that free writing starts to get the juices flowing again.

So the point of this post is to show you that there are plenty of platforms out there that will help you build your audience, your presence, and your own author platform. Start answering questions and slowly build that audience while enjoying the journey. Little things every day eventually snowball into big things for the future.

Happy writing author friends!

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