What Is Reedsy And How Can It Help You Write, Publish, And Market Your Books?

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All About Reedsy

As an author, I know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to run the business end of things when it comes to pursuing my writing career. Constantly dealing with the logistics of how to find a great editor, how to find an affordable cover designer, and how to find information on marketing books can be a real headache.

You're dealing with several problems. One involves going online and sifting through the overwhelming amount of freelance editors and designers to find the right one who will not only do a great job but will be affordable. It can take a long time to build your Indie team of fabulous people who get you, get your writing, get your branding, and get the job done.

What's a self-published author to do?

In my interview with Ricardo Fayet, co-founder of Reedsy, he talks about Reedsy and how it can help authors with the logistics of writing, publishing, and marketing their books.

It isn't like many freelance platforms out there since Reedsy's freelancers originally come from various publishing houses with backgrounds in editing, design, and book marketing.

Learn how to create the perfect search on Reedsy and find the editor most capable of editing within your genre and understanding your style. Find a designer who knows the market when it comes to eye-catching covers and illustrations that grab a reader's attention and motivates that reader to buy your books.

Having trouble formatting your book? Use the Reedsy Book Editor to streamline the process and receive technical help with any question you might have.

You can even take advantage of Reedsy Learning, a free, online series of courses catered to the needs of authors. Learn to write a great book, become educated on the best publishing platforms and practices, and master the art of marketing to get your books some major visibility.

Want more eyes on your books? Want more traffic to your books' Amazon page? Want to outsource the entire process and create more time for you to actually do what you love most?



If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then I highly recommend you watch the interview above, then pop on over to Reedsy to check out everything they have to offer.

You won't be disappointed.

Happy writing my author friends!